Rating my old outfits: Midsummer edition

Hello and welcome back to my "rating my old outfits" series! If you missed the first instalment, you can check it out here.

This time I'll be looking back at my Midsummer outfits.  Just like last time, let's start with my outfit for this year. 

On Midsummer Eve, I wore this lovely blue, floral maxi dress from Dear Lover (gifted). The adorable daisy earrings and the necklace are from ASOS. I really like the tropical print of this dress, as well as the mermaid cut. It's a 10/10 for me!

I think you'll notice that floral print is a theme here... This is what I wore for Midsummer 2020, and it's not the only appearance this old Forever21 dress will have in this post! The photo is not the best, although my skin looks very pretty and glowing. I still have this dress and I do like it, so despite the lack of better outfit photos, I'll give it an 8.5/10.

Apparently the weather was nice in 2019 since all I have are bikini photos? That being said, the whole look here with the glasses, the lipstick and the red hair is giving me pin-up vibes, and I'm here for it. It's another 10/10! The bikini bottoms are from Rosegal and the top is from Primark.

Moving on to 2018 and what do we have – more florals! This dress is from ASOS. Or was, rather, since I just sold it earlier this year. It was pretty but I had way too many floral dresses and I didn't wear it enough. As for the 2018 Midsummer look, I think I over-accessorised a little. I didn't really need the hair clip, the necklace AND the earrings. The shoes are cute though. This gets an 8.5/10. 

In 2017, the weather was cooler and I was more casual. I wore a sweater dress I had just gotten from Boohoo. It's plain from the front and in the back it says "Not Today". I remember I was so obsessed with this, haha. I still have it and it's nice because it's warm. Bit of a boring Midsummer look. (Kind of missing the ombre hair, though!) This gets a 6/10 for lack of creativity.

I told you there would be a lot of florals, didn't I? 2016 was our first summer in this house, aww. Time flies. I wore this gorgeous dress from ASOS. It's by a brand called Praslin and I had several of their super cute dresses. I haven't seen anything like this on ASOS in a while, which is a shame! Bring back cute skater dresses! I paired it with earrings from Forever21 and a pink lip. I actually still have both this dress and the earrings. Maybe I should recreate this look on Instagram? I actually kind of love it. The dress is so cute. I'll give it a 9/10!

If you're getting deja vu, it's because this dress already appeared once, in 2020. I also wore it in 2015! This dress is actually pretty old, I think I got in back in 2012! And like I said, I still have it. This photo is obviously a lot better than the snap from 2020, but I prefer the styling here, too. 9/10.

In 2014, we were at a cottage in the Finnish archipelago, and the wind was freezing, hence the layers. I think I'm wearing my husband's hoodie over a tank top as well as a scarf and a leather jacket! I remember thinking I looked bad, but actually I don't mind this. It was weather appropriate and the colours are cute. 8/10. 

Finally, from 2013 I just have a selfie (taken with a camera, haha)? But I was wearing a very basic jersey dress with a little cardigan type of deal. I do like the dress colour, and I still own that golden snake necklace! It's funny how I realise my own growth looking at old photos. I remember I was panicking because we were going to visit friends and I couldn't wear makeup because we were about to go to the sauna. What the hell? My face looks flawless! Youth really is wasted on the young, haha! Anyway, the outfit is a bit basic so it gets a 7/10. 

So, those were all my Midsummer looks from 2013 to present day! Which was your favourite?


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