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Two colourful makeup looks

 Hi! This weekend I have been very inspired to play with makeup, so I thought I would share two looks that I also posted on Instagram.  This first look is an all matte colourful eyeshadow look. It turned out all matte by accident – I was meant to put on some shimmer as well, but I was so focused on blending the blue, green and yellow together that I forgot! I actually really love it this way, though. I also filmed this first look as a Get Ready With Me video on for YouTube, so if you're curious about all the products I used, check out the video below! Everything is linked in the description. The dress I'm wearing in the photos is from Rosegal (gifted). The second look I did was very much mermaid inspired. I love purple and blue together, and adding the sea foam green shimmer made this just *chef's kiss*!  For this second look, I used the Beauty Bay Midnight 42 colour palette. I really love that palette and the Beauty Bay formula is one of my favourite ones! And no, this is

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