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Rating My Old Outfits: New Year's Eve

 Happy 2022, everyone! To be honest, I'm not super excited about the new year. After the last couple of years, I feel like it's best to just... keep our expectations on a realistic level. If this year could be a pretty boring one, that would be great. I want news headlines along the lines of "Local Man Sees Interesting Bird." Just an ordinary, boring year. But I'm afraid even that's too optimistic at this point... Anyway, let's talk New Year's outfits! I didn't go anywhere this year, obviously, since everywhere was closed. Besides, we tend to stay home for New Year's Eve anyway, since we have two dogs. In Finland, a lot of people have fireworks, and dogs and fireworks aren't a great combination. Our dogs haven't been super scared before, but this year we discovered that Ässä has become afraid of fireworks. He wanted to be close to me at all times, which is why he also starred in my outfit photos. Because yes, I did still dress up just t

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