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Rosegal Fall Fashion Haul

This post contains gifted products. Hello everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful fall so far. I've really enjoyed it this year, although I'm usually more of a summer person. We've had some lovely, crisp and sunny days, and nature has been so beautiful! Sadly, the beautiful fall weather doesn't last long in Finland, and soon it will be grey and rainy. I really hope we get snow early this year. After all the leaves have fallen, it gets so dark here.  Luckily, beautiful fall fashion always brightens things up! I was contacted by the lovely people at Rosegal, and they asked if they could send me a few new outfits. I really like Rosegal's clothes, so I was delighted. Here's what I picked out! This first dress is so very fall appropriate, so I wanted to photograph it below the maple when it was bright and vibrant. I love a plaid dress for this time of the year, and this one is very soft and pretty. I got this in a size 3X - I always go by the measurements in Rosega

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