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Rating my old outfits: May Day edition

I was recently looking through some old photos, and came up with the idea of looking back at outfits I've worn over the years, rating them... and maybe roasting them a little, when appropriate, haha! I think I might make this into a series, as I'm hoping to get back into blogging, but we'll see... Today, I'll be looking at some May Day / 1st of May ("vappu" in Finnish) outfits. I thought it would be fun to choose a holiday as opposed to just random photos. Maybe I could do Midsummer next? To get started, let's look at my "vappu" outfit this year! I received this amazing maxi dress from LovelyWholesale for a YouTube review, and I absolutely adore it. The print is gorgeous and the dress is very flattering on me. Obviously, this one suits my current tastes, so I'll give it a 10/10! In 2020, I wore a satiny Fashion Nova dress with my ASOS corset belt and a biker jacket. I'll give it a 8.5/10. I don't think it needed the belt, and I think

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