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Summer outfit favorites

Hi all!
Soooo, I haven't really blogged this summer, as I've been super busy with my PhD thesis. No holidays for me, sigh. Also, I injured my ankle and it kind of took the joy out of putting together outifts for a while...
However, I've been more active on YouTube and Instagram, so you should definitely check those out! Speaking of Instagram, I thought I would share some of my favorite outfits I've posted this summer here on the blog, since I know that a) not everyone is on Instagram, and b) the IG algorithm is annoying, so you haven't necessarily seen these even if you do follow me there. 
So, here's what I've been wearing!

I originally bought this rose gold dress from a River Island store in Amsterdam if February, and FINALLY had a chance to wear it at a girls' night in July. I'm obsessed with rose gold and wrap dresses, so this is definitely one of my favorites.

This midi dress is from ASOS and it's by the brand Fashionkilla. I adore the bar…