Rating my old outfits: May Day edition

I was recently looking through some old photos, and came up with the idea of looking back at outfits I've worn over the years, rating them... and maybe roasting them a little, when appropriate, haha! I think I might make this into a series, as I'm hoping to get back into blogging, but we'll see...

Today, I'll be looking at some May Day / 1st of May ("vappu" in Finnish) outfits. I thought it would be fun to choose a holiday as opposed to just random photos. Maybe I could do Midsummer next?

To get started, let's look at my "vappu" outfit this year!

I received this amazing maxi dress from LovelyWholesale for a YouTube review, and I absolutely adore it. The print is gorgeous and the dress is very flattering on me. Obviously, this one suits my current tastes, so I'll give it a 10/10!

In 2020, I wore a satiny Fashion Nova dress with my ASOS corset belt and a biker jacket. I'll give it a 8.5/10. I don't think it needed the belt, and I think I would now switch the thick black tights into something more sheer (although they were probably appropriate for the weather). 

2019 was clearly a more casual affair. I remember my husband was abroad at a conference (remember when we used to travel?) and I was just chilling alone at home. Still, I think this is a pretty cute look! The bodysuit is from Forever21 and the jeans are from Fashion Nova. I would definitely still wear this look. 9/10.

In 2018, I had just returned from a research visit to Oxford! Oh, how I miss it... I really like this gingham and floral dress from Forever21, and apparently it was, for once, warm enough for less opaque tights. I really like the sunglasses and the bold lip, too. I'll give 2018 me a 10/10!

I don't have a photo from 2017, so we'll jump to 2016 next. This photo really makes me regret selling that New Look dress! It was so gorgeous. Not sure if it would still fit me though, haha... I think it looks cute with the white flats and the necklace as well. This is another 10/10 I think!


Ah, 2015. The time before I learned how to do my eyebrows. This dress was from ASOS, and it had a gorgeous watercolour type of print. I don't have it anymore. Now I would definitely wear a strapless bra with this (I don't think I had one back then), and definitely a cuter shoe. The dress is pretty, but the styling is kind of meh. 7/10.

Listen, say what you want about 2014 me, but at least she tried to style it. The operative word being "tried". Honestly, the dress is cute! I love a mini dress with long sleeves, and the knotted front is pretty. But the matchy-matchy hair accessory and the shoes... no, just no, lol. I look like I'm going to watch horse-racing in England. Also, why did I wear leggings and heels? I definitely would wear nude tights or nothing with this dress now. And probably a nude heel. The dress is pretty but 2021 me is just not that into it. 5/10.

No photo from 2013, but do not fear: 2012 is here to save the day with a day look AND a night look! That's right, there was an outfit change. Let's start with the day look. Everything from the hair to the layered top, the skinny black jeans and the bomber jacket is VERY 2012. Honestly, I can't give this a bad grade because in the context of fashion back then, it really is a good look. Also, I LOVED that jacket. 8/10.

Finally, the evening look from 2012. I was still quite new to the whole blogging thing back then, and I felt pretty insecure about my body. It's such a shame because thinking back to it now, my body looks great! As for the outfit, I actually think it's pretty cute! I like the patterned tights, although maybe not with this particular dress. The dress is pretty though. I remember the coral colour was stunning in real life. I probably would not belt it now, and I would leave out the little bolero thingy. I feel like these additions were caused by my insecurity. I thought I "had to" cover my upper arms and highlight the smallest part of my waist. But it's not bad, and the sparkly clutch is adorable. I wonder if I still have that... Anyway, this look gets a 8.5/10!

Do you agree with my choices? Which look is your favourite, and would you like to see more of these types of throwback posts?

Hoper you're all doing well!



  1. The red dress from year 2016 is my favourite, it has the real "vappu" feeling, spring and joy.
    Throwback post was nice, same kind of post again midsommer, holidays etc

    1. That dress was so pretty! I'm kind of mad at myself for selling it, haha! I'm glad you like the post, it was a lot of fun to write, so I will definitely do more. :)


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