My favourite makeup looks this year... so far!

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 Hi all!

Let's just ignore how long it took me to write this post... I've been really neglecting the blog this year, focusing more on Instagram and TikTok. I really want to get back to blogging though, just because I like writing, even though I guess only a few people read it anymore. I appreciate all of you who do. :)

As some of you may now, I got a lot more into makeup during the pandemic. Playing with makeup is so therapeutic to me, and even though I'm not the best at it, I have made a lot of progress in the past couple of years! Colourful eyeshadow and sparkly highlighters are my favourites, although I have to say I've also been loving neutral makeup this year! 

I thought I would share some of my favourite makeup looks from this year so far. I've shared most of them on Instagram already, but I know not everyone is on there (and even if you are, you probably don't see all my posts, because the Instagram algorithm has its...issues).

The outfit I wore to the ATEEZ concert in February was one of my favourites, so of course I have to mention the makeup as well. This was right after I changed my hair back to red, and I really liked doing red tones in makeup as well. For the eyeshadow look, I mainly used the Natasha Denona Mini Crush palette, which I often take with me when I travel.

Another favourite earlier in the year, this look was a fun one because it was an all-matte eyeshadow look! I'm usually a shimmer girlie, but I've learned to appreciate matte eyeshadows in recent years. I actually filmed a tutorial of this look for my YouTube channel, you can watch it below! I used the Beauty Bay Love Notes palette, which is discontinued, but you can recreate it with basically any palette with purple tones (from Beauty Bay, I would recommend the Midnight palette).

Blues and greens have been my favourites for a while when it comes to eyeshadow colours. I think they suit me really well. But now that I've had red hair again, I'm even more obsessed with them! This is another look I filmed, you can find it on my Instagram and TikTok.

Another all-matte look! Who knew?? If I'm going for matte eyeshadow, I definitely want to go colourful.  I remember this look being very challenging. It took a lot of blending, and even after all that, it's not perfect. But I really love this colour combo, and I'm proud of myself for trying something different with this one. 

I named this look 'Golden Hour' on my Instagram (and in my head, haha). As much as I love my greens and blues, overall I'm actually more into warm tones than cool tones. I don't wear yellow all that often, but I do love good orange. 

One of my favourite makeup purchases this year has been the Glossgods Look For Rainbows palette. It's all colourful, shifty shimmers and it's so, so stunning. This look was one of my first ones using the palette, and I remember feeling really pretty.

I went through an experimental phase with eyeliner in the spring, and although it wasn't necessarily super successful, it was fun and worth documenting imo! Also, I really like the glossy lip and the way my highlighter looks.

For this eyeshadow look, I used the Oden's Eye Solmåne 2 palette. OE is one of my favourite brands for eyeshadow, and this is such a fun and unique look. 

The lipstick I'm wearing here is the ICONIC Velvet Teddy by MAC. Can you believe I only bought that this year? Definitely one my current favourites.

Another look that is not necessarily perfect (none of them are tbh), but this was fun because it was so dramatic! I usually never go this dark with my eyeshadow. The fact that the look is quite colourful gives it a bit more dimension. 

This is such cute, summery blue and purple look! I used the Lethal Cosmetics Wildflower palette for this one. I'm loving the blush, too! 

Another look with an Oden's Eye palette! This time with the Stone & Rock palette, which is another one of my favourites of the year. It's on the neutral side, but it's like, interesting neutrals. I love the greenish gold. And hey, a red lip for a change!

This next look is pretty self-explanatory; obviously, I wore it to Pride. I'm not quite skilled enough to do a full rainbow on each eye, so I did different colours on my eyes. I thought it was a pretty successful look anyway!

I went to Brussels for a work trip in July, and I only brought two palettes with me: the mini Beauty Bay Bright 2.0 and the Glossgods Look For Rainbows. This was probably my favourite look of the trip!

I'm not gonna lie, this look is on the list for emotional reasons. My friend Caitlin visited in August and she brought me the I Heart Revolution Tasty Palette in Watermelon. I did this look while she was here and we had such an amazing time, so I mostly love it for that reason. It's a pretty look though, don't get me wrong!

Ah, the beginning of my neutral era. In the fall, I've been (perhaps surprisingly) more into neutral eye makeup (always together with winged liner and lashes though). My favourite thing about this look are the sparkles. I used the About Tone shimmer palette in Oh: Stunner, which has been another one of my favourite products this year.

Here's a more dramatic take on neutral makeup. I love the silver eyeshadow and the dark lipstick!

Finally, a more fall-appropriate blue look. There's just something about blue eyeshadow with brown eyes and fair skin, right? I used the Nabla Cutie Palette in Midnight for this look. 

Phew, I think that's it! Those are my favourite makeup looks this year (so far)! I would love to hear from you though! Which one was your favourite?

I'm also thinking of doing some kind of perfume round-up, either here on the blog or on my YouTube channel, since I've gotten more into fragrance this year and have purchased quite a few new ones. So stay tuned for that! 

Hope November is treating you kindly!



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