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Ordering from Fashion Nova to Finland - Haul & Review (myös Suomeksi!)

(Suomeksi alla)

I've seen Fashion Nova all over social media in the last year or so, and I finally took the plunge and ordered some of their plus-size line, Fashion Nova Curve. Overall, I'm happy with everything I got - it's not super high quality, and the sizing is pretty inconsistent, but the delivery is quick, the prices are cheap and I love the styles. You can check out what I got (as well as a more in-depth review) on the video I've linked below. The rest of this post will be in Finnish, since I will be giving my followers some tips when it comes to ordering from Fashion Nova to Finland in particular. (In case you live in Finland, but don't speak Finnish, don't worry - I explain the same things on the video!)

Yhdysvaltalainen Fashion Nova -vaatemerkki on näkynyt viimeisen vuoden ajan hyvin tiivisti ainakin minun Instagram-fiidissäni. Olen katsonut lukemattomia jenkki- ja britti-bloggaajien videoita aiheesta, mutta uskaltauduin vasta nyt tekemään tilauksen …