Rosegal Fall Fashion Haul

This post contains gifted products.

Hello everyone!

Hope you've had a wonderful fall so far. I've really enjoyed it this year, although I'm usually more of a summer person. We've had some lovely, crisp and sunny days, and nature has been so beautiful! Sadly, the beautiful fall weather doesn't last long in Finland, and soon it will be grey and rainy. I really hope we get snow early this year. After all the leaves have fallen, it gets so dark here. 

Luckily, beautiful fall fashion always brightens things up! I was contacted by the lovely people at Rosegal, and they asked if they could send me a few new outfits. I really like Rosegal's clothes, so I was delighted. Here's what I picked out!

This first dress is so very fall appropriate, so I wanted to photograph it below the maple when it was bright and vibrant. I love a plaid dress for this time of the year, and this one is very soft and pretty. I got this in a size 3X - I always go by the measurements in Rosegal clothes, because there are some differences in sizing between items. 

I also like a floral in the fall time – as long as the color scheme is appropriate for the season! So I also picked out this beautiful, wine-colored maxi dress with floral print. 

I absolutely love how flowy this dress is! It is a true wrap dress, which can be tricky, so you need to be careful you don't accidentally flash anyone, haha. I will also say that it was a bit difficult to figure out how to tie this one – the hole where the tie goes through is quite far back on the side of the dress, so you might need help getting this on if you're not very flexible! Once it's on, it's very comfortable, though. And so pretty! I got this in the size 4X.

The next dress is probably my favorite, though! This has a bit of an alternative/goth vibe, as do many Rosegal dresses. I think this one would be great for Halloween, but you can just wear it on the regular as well. I also really like the length of this dress! This one is in a size 2X.

I also picked up a couple of tops. This first one is a paisley print peplum top with really nice detailing around the neck. I love the fact that it has lace on it (an actual lace overlay, not just a print), and the length is really flattering. This would be great for a work event, or just for a regular day at the office if layered with a blazer. I got this top in a size 2X.

Finally, I got a fairly basic, black crop top, and a skirt. The top is very comfortable, and I like the fact that you can adjust the ruching on the front. The skirt is super stretchy – I definitely could have gone for a smaller size – and also very comfortable. This also has some alternative vibes, and I can't wait to style it. I have a cropped, black turtleneck that I think will look awesome paired with this. A white or red sweater would be really cute with this as well! The crop top and skirt are both in a 3X.

I will link my YouTube video of this haul below, in case you want to see how the clothes look from different angles!

Rosegal have given me a discount code to share with you, in case you would like to get something from their site. You can use the code HANNA20 for 20% off on (Code and link are not affiliated, and I don't make any money from them.)

That's everything for now – thank you for reading! Which style in this haul was your favorite? 


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