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Hello, everyone!

Let's see if I still remember how this blogging thing works... It's been a very busy and eventful spring and summer, and I haven't really had time to just sit down and write. In the spring months, I was very busy with work. Good kind of busy though – I feel like I learned a lot! I had a more teaching focused role last semester, which was interesting and challenging. Now, however, I'm back to doing research full-time. It feels nice and familiar, although of course still challenging. This is the first time after my PhD when I really have time to focus on research. Being a postdoc is a bit different. I feel more alone somehow, but also like there's more freedom. 

Anyway, enough about work! I want to share all the fun things I did this summer. And some things were less fun – the Rona finally got to me and I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks. But I thought I would share my summer adventures while sharing some makeup and outfit photos and chatting about my current beauty and fashion favourites!

First, I have to mention my absolute favourite day of the summer. Two years and two months after I defended my PhD thesis, I was FINALLY able to celebrate it with friends. We hosted a little party in the beginning of June, complete with beautiful cakes we got from a local bakery. The weather was wonderful so we were able to spend some time outside as well. All in all, it was a super fun time, and a lovely reunion for many friends who had not seen each other since the start of the pandemic!

As for my outfit... Well, I had two. Yes, I had an outfit change during the party. If I can't be extra at my own party, when can I? The first outfit may look familiar to you, since it's the exact outfit I wore on the evening of my actual PhD defence. The same Collectif dress and the same jewellery. I also did a golden eye makeup + red lip combo similar to the makeup I wore at my defence in 2020. This time, I even got my hair done (I wasn't able to on the actual day because of lockdown). 

So, that was the day look. For the evening, I kept the same makeup and accessories, but changed into a full glam sequin gown from Fashion Nova. I bought this rose gold number for my birthday, but never got to wear it since that party was ALSO cancelled because of the pandemic. We really celebrated a lot of things I missed in the past two years all at once, and it was wonderful. 

At the start of our summer holiday in July, we travelled to Riga, Latvia. It was my first time abroad since February 2019. And it was wonderful! The weather was absolutely fantastic while we were there, and I just loved discovering cute little cafes, fun cocktail bars and restaurants with yummy food. We also went to a spa and did some good old sightseeing. My husband took these pictures one night when were going out for drinks. I think my happiness really shows from the photos, so I don't even care about the visible belly line! The dress I'm wearing is from Fashion Nova, and the headband I bought in Riga. The shoes I got from a local supermarket (yes, really) right before we left on our trip, and I'm so glad I brought them with me! They are sooo comfy.

After our trip, we sadly got COVID. It was inevitable to happen at some point – this was the first time getting it for both me and my husband. Luckily, we didn't get any serious symptoms, but we were both really sick for a week or so. After we got better and the quarantine was over, we went for a drive and my husband captured these amazing photos of me!

I feel I look like a fairy princess surrounded by Finnish nature! The dress is a recent find and definitely a favourite. It was gifted to me for a YouTube video by Dresslily – I'll link the haul below. I absolutely adore it! The other dresses I got from Dresslily were also fantastic. 

I also really liked my makeup on that day! I used the BH Cosmetics 2022 Lunar New Year palette for the eyelook. I actually talk about that palette on a video I posted earlier this year about some new makeup in my collection! The video is in Finnish, but I'll link it below. It's a really good palette and it's still available on Beauty Bay. 

Speaking of makeup, I recently got the Oden's Eye Cosmetics Solmåne Two palette, and I love these two looks I created with it. Which one do you prefer, blue or orange? I adore the Oden's Eye formula, and can't wait to create more looks with this palette! I also grabbed the Solmåne highlighter in Lavender Dream, which is absolutely stunning. I'm wearing it in the pictures with the orange eye makeup.

Finally, I'll share some pictures my husband took of me on a recent trip to Central Finland. We went to a Bed and Breakfast type of place that had a gorgeous garden, and of course I had to pose for some photos after dinner! It was a lovely evening – it had just rained and the air was so fresh! The two-piece set I'm wearing is from Fashion Nova.


So, that's what I did this summer! And those were some of my favourite outfits and makeup looks. I'm actually quite looking forward to autumn now, which is weird. Usually I'm slightly depressed after my summer holiday. I think I rested well this year, since I feel excited for whatever the new season brings!

Did you have a good summer? What do you think of these looks? Do you have any recent favourites you would like to share? Let me know in the comments!


  1. You had an eventful summer so far. It seems that we all are going to get Covid at some point, but with vaccination it probably is mild one.
    The red dress looks good on you. Longer hair suits you.

    hair suits you

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm definitely grateful I had my three vaccinations. I can imagine I would have been really sick without them!

  2. Chrysann Barker8 August 2022 at 04:24

    Thank you for sharing this! 💜 I feel like we just caught up over a glass of wine (which I just finished lol).
    Congratulations! Your party dresses were perfect. The red is so cute and you look like a goddess in the rose shimmer. Those cakes looked great too ;) I'm so glad you got to have a celebration!
    Your vacation was well deserved! You look so happy, your eyes are smiling :) I did lol at the grocery store shoes, wouldn't have known.
    Sorry that you both got hit with COVID. I haven't had it yet, to my knowledge anyway. I have lupus so it's hard to tell if I get something new or it's just a new autoimmune malfunction. I've taken a few tests, all negative. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    I still love the Finnish Fairy Princess pictures best!
    I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about the rest from my extensive comments on YouTube and Instagram lol. I'm glad that you got a chance to recharge on holiday. Have a beautiful week 💜

    1. Thank you so much! Feeling like you caught up with a friend over a glass of wine is exactly the kind of feeling I want people to get from my content, so I'm very glad to hear that! :)

      I hope you don't get COVID, it's definitely not fun! I'm glad I managed to avoid it as long as I did. At least we got the somewhat milder variant now.

      Have a lovely rest of the week, and thanks again for reading and commenting!


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