Rating My Old Outfits: New Year's Eve

 Happy 2022, everyone!

To be honest, I'm not super excited about the new year. After the last couple of years, I feel like it's best to just... keep our expectations on a realistic level. If this year could be a pretty boring one, that would be great. I want news headlines along the lines of "Local Man Sees Interesting Bird." Just an ordinary, boring year. But I'm afraid even that's too optimistic at this point...

Anyway, let's talk New Year's outfits! I didn't go anywhere this year, obviously, since everywhere was closed. Besides, we tend to stay home for New Year's Eve anyway, since we have two dogs. In Finland, a lot of people have fireworks, and dogs and fireworks aren't a great combination. Our dogs haven't been super scared before, but this year we discovered that Ässä has become afraid of fireworks. He wanted to be close to me at all times, which is why he also starred in my outfit photos. Because yes, I did still dress up just to watch TV and to drink wine in the living room. Duh.

I got this dress from ASOS early last year, and it's absolutely fabulous. I would have paired it with just plain, nude tights, but it turns out I don't own any. I didn't want to wear black tights, so I went for the fishnets I got from Snag Tights. Regardless, I give it a 10/10 just for the fabulous dress! And Ässä looks absolutely adorable.

Last year, I went all out – despite not actually going out. This is still one of the most stunning dresses I own. It's from Rosegal and it was kindly gifted to me for a YouTube video. I really like the makeup as well. You will soon see that I tend to go for gold very often on New Year's Eve! This one has to be another 10/10, although in hindsight I could have worn a strapless bra...

New Year's Eve 2019, back when life was still normal and it was slightly abnormal to just spend the evening at home! I got this dress from Lovely Wholesale (there's a video on this one as well). I have collaborated with the brand later, but this was purchased with my own money. Considering the price, it's pretty good quality (I still have this one). A little black dress with sequins – what's not to love? I could have done more with my hair and makeup, though. 9/10.

2018 was the last time we actually went somewhere. These photos were taken just before we left to meet our friends. I remember it was a super fun night! Probably the best New Year's Eve in recent memory. Again, I wore gold. This is one of the dresses I got from Boohoo back when I still really liked Boohoo. Absolutely stunning. I feel like the necklace and the belt were a bit much together, but overall, a really nice outfit. 9/10.

Look at me posing in 2017! I thought these photos were a good example of how our bodies look different from different angles and in different positions. Of course, I look cute in both of them. This dress was from Boohoo as well. It was cute, but not particularly glam. Also, I don't like the sheer tights and shiny shoes combo. 7/10.

You can tell we're going back in time because the picture quality (and my makeup skills) keep getting worse, haha! However, i really like this dress from 2016. I still have it, although it's pretty tight these days... I also love the earrings! Don't ask me what's up with that eyeliner, though. 9/10.

I don't have a lot of photos from 2015, because I was really, really sick. I remember feeling so poorly I couldn't even get a glass of champagne down (and if you know me, you know it's a big deal when I turn down champagne). However, I still insisted on putting on a sparkly dress. The dress was from ASOS, but it was always a bit too tight under the bust, so I ended up selling it. If I wore a dress like this now, I would definitely ditch the bolero/cardigan thingy. Although it's possible I just felt chilly because I was so sick. 8/10 for effort.

Well hello, 2014 me! I look FINE AF in that dress! It's giving more Christmas vibes than NYE, but I'll take it. Really, really pretty. 10/10.

Also, as you can tell, 2014 was a big step up from 2013. WHY? Why did I want to look like a 40-something year old lady who works at the bank? The skirt is fine, but combined with that top and those shoes.... just, no. The only think that look fairly cute is my hair. 4/10.

2012 was somewhat better than 2013. I remember being OBSESSED with that orange top. It made my bust look great so I wore it all the time. Not super glam, but this was fairly cute considering it was 2012, and I had just learned to wear colourful things. 7/10.

A bit surprisingly, I quite like my look from 2011. The dress was a bit too old on me at the time (I was 23), but I would totally wear it now. The bling-bling bracelet is a bit much, but otherwise I'm not mad at the accessories. 8/10 for this.

So, that's ten years worth of New Year's Eve glam! Which outfit was your favourite?

Again, I wish you all a happy – or at least somewhat better – new year!




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