Fall 2021: Favourite outfits and makeup looks

 Hello everyone!

I haven't blogged in ages, so I thought I would just share a few fashion and makeup moments from the past few months. I feel like fall went by super fast this year, since I've been quite busy! As usual, I have been more active on Instagram. I actually recently hit 40K followers there, which is amazing! However, sometimes I miss blogging. Maybe next year I will do it more actively. A few weeks ago, I taught a class on blogs and using them as research material, and it made me so nostalgic... Does anyone else miss the golden era of blogging circa 2015? Good times.

Anyway, on to the outfits and makeup looks! 

Speaking of nostalgia, who remembers this dress? I have had it for years, I think I got it back in 2017...? It's the green Lyra dress from Lady V London! I also still have the red version of this. These dresses are such good quality, they are definitely timeless. It looks like they still have the Lyra dress available on their website, but it has longer sleeves now.

I wore this dress and makeup look last Saturday to my friend's baby shower. My friend is having a girl, so I almost wore something pink, but at the last minute decided that gender norms are dumb, and went with a green dress and green and purple eyeshadow. 

... However, I did go for a baby pink and blue look on another occasion last week. It may seem like a simple makeup look, but you wouldn't believe how many different palettes and shades I used just to get the exact shades of pink and blue I wanted, haha!

When it comes to colors, I've been really into reds and purples - I always gravitate towards jewel tones in the late fall. For this purple look, I used the BH Cosmetics Passion in Paris eyeshadow palette, which is AMAZING. I honestly love it. The wine red babydoll dress is from SHEIN.

Speaking of red and purple... My Halloween costume! I actually went out on Halloween this year! My friend and I dressed up and went to a couple of bars. It felt pretty surreal (and TBH I'm glad I had to leave early, even though we had a really good time... I'm just too old for that stuff!)

Anyway, I dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. This was not a new costume for me, since I rocked the exact same dress, wig and gloves a few years ago at my birthday party. Despite my bad habit of buying from fast fashion retailers, I AM trying to be more conscious about my choices as a consumer... and buying a new Halloween costume every year is not very sustainable. Why get something new when you already have fabulous options in your closet?

Another look I really liked was this one. I wore it when I met some friends I hadn't seen in a long while, and it was a really lovely evening! I got the dress from Fashion Nova last year, but I'm pretty sure it's still available. It's called the Maura Mesh Dress. For the makeup look, I went for the Natasha Denona Mini Gold eyeshadow palette. I have to admit, the Natasha Denona formula is worth the hype! I really love that palette.

Finally, I have to include another wine red dress. This one is also old (from ASOS). I wore it to my friends' wedding and I thought I looked quite fabulous! Overall, it has been really fun to actually go to some places and to meet people (safely, of course, and I am fully vaccinated). I love doing my makeup just for fun, but getting dressed to actually go somewhere is always extra fun.

So, those are some of my recent favourites! Actually, quite many of the dresses are a bit older, now that I think about it. Of course, I haven't stopped shopping (all the hauls on my YouTube channel prove otherwise, unfortunately), but it's nice to notice how much joy I can also get from "shopping" my own closet.

Which of these looks is your favourite?

Hope you're all well,

Hanna, xoxo 


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