NewChic Plus-Size Dresses: Haul and Review

The items in this haul were sent to me by NewChic. This post contains affiliate links.

(Tässä postauksessa esitellyt vaatteet on saatu NewChic-verkkokaupasta. Sisältää mainoslinkkejä.)

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at NewChic and they asked me if I wanted to try some of their plus-size fashion. Since they have a great range of super affordable and trendy clothing, of course I said yes! And I have to say, this is one of my most successful hauls ever. I honestly have a difficult time picking a favourite among these dresses!

The delivery to Finland took about two weeks. I did have to pay tax because it came from outside of the EU, but the clothes are so affordable that I didn't mind. So far I have worn three of these dresses "in real life" and I have no issues with the quality of the clothing, either. 

At the moment, all the dresses I got are priced around 20€ or less, and you can use the coupon code "IG20" to get an additional discount. As for the sizing, I recommend looking at the measurements for each individual item, as there is quite a bit of variety. The EU sizing on the NewChic does not necessarily correspond to the sizes you will find in store here. I went by the measurements and was not disappointed!

Let's have a look at the dresses, then!

First up is this gorgeous baby blue dress with a floral pattern. This would look amazing at a garden party or a baby shower, even a summer wedding. I went for a larger size in this one (4XL) because I knew it would be short, but it fits perfectly. 

The next dress is in a beautiful wine red colour, which is one of my go-to colours to wear. The draping makes this one look very elegant and hides the visible belly line, if that's something you feel insecure about. This is also available in a baby blue colour.  I got a size 3XL in this one.

This orange dress is definitely one of my faves. The colour is stunning in real life and the cut really suits my shape. It's the perfect summer dress! Also available in yellow. I'm wearing a 3XL.

Milkmaid dresses are all the range right now, so of course I had to pick one up. I went for this gorgeous teal-coloured dress, but if this colour is not for you, they also have a black version. Again, I got a size 3XL.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by this white dress, because it's not my usual style. But I love it! Despite the light colour, it's not see-through at all. It's super flowy and pretty, and the bottom part is layered while the top is soft and stretchy. Really cute! I got this in a 4XL. 

If you want to see how the dresses look from different angles, check out my YouTube video below!

Thank you so much to NewChic for collaborating with me! Which of these dresses is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


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