Recent beauty favourites (June 2021)

 Hi all!

I thought I would share some beauty and makeup products I've been really enjoying lately. These are all products that I have bought with my own money (except one that was a gift from a friend), and I'm not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mentioned. I just feel like sharing. If you have any good beauty recommendations, drop them in the comments below! :)

I recently got a couple of BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes from Beauty Bay, and I'm really impressed with their formula, especially considering the price! This Mimosa palette is my favourite from them so far. The colours are absolutely delicious and perfect for summer. I will share some looks I've done with this palette below!

As you can see, it's a palette that works well for a more intense looks, but also a softer, everyday look. Definitely worth the price!

I love highlighter and there's two I've been obsessed with lately. I used to prefer colder, more pink-toned highlights, but lately I've been really into gold, especially for the summer. The PIXI Glow-y Gossamer Duo in Subtle Sunrise is from Lyko, and it's on the expensive side (at least by my standards), but you get two shades and they are both GORGEOUS. If you're looking for an affordable golden highlight, though, I really recommend the Catrice More Than Glow highlighter in the shade 030 Beyond Golden Glow. It's really amazing for the price. I got mine from, which is a Finnish small business I definitely recommend. They sell Essence and Catrice and their delivery is SUPER fast. (Not sponsored, they don't even know who I am, haha.) Of course, you can get Catrice almost anywhere, at least if you're in Europe.

Another thing I've been loving from Catrice is the Glam & Doll Easy Wash Off Power Hold Volume mascara. I've seen people on social media raving about the Glam & Doll mascara before, but I never tried it, since I've been happy with the Essence Lash Princess (both are really affordable). However, once I saw there was a version that can be removed with warm water, I decided to try it. Mascara is a really personal thing, but this one works super well for me. It's easy to use and not clumpy, but removing it is so effortless, I love it! Especially now during allergy season, my eyes are sensitive and the fact that this comes off with warm water without any harsh rubbing has been so nice. This is also from Lalalipstick.

Lastly for face products, I've been loving liquid blush, which is really on trend right now. I got one by Makeup Revolution. It's called the Superdewy Liquid Blush and I have the shade Flushing For You. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Revolution, as some of their products really don't work on me, but some are incredible. This for me is in the latter category. It gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks, it's easy to blend (I apply it with a beauty sponge) and it doesn't disturb the makeup underneath. 

My favourite lip product has definitely been the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Berry. I got this from a friend and I'm obsessed with it, I literally wear it almost every day. It's hydrating and has a beautiful glossy finish with a slight tint. My favourite part about is the fact that it smells EXACTLY like bubblegum. Yummy. That said, it is fairly expensive for what it is, so to be honest I'm not sure if I would have purchased it myself. But I'm really glad my friend gave it to me!

When it comes to skincare, the Mango + Coconut Nourishing Heel Balm from Sunday Rain (Beauty Bay) has become a holy grail product for me. I have really dry feet, especially my heels, and in the summer you of course want them to be nice and smooth. I put this on every night before bed and my dry heels have visibly improved. I also love the fact that it has this stick packaging, so it's really easy to put on without making a mess. And it smells divine! The scent is rather strong, though, so take that into account if you are sensitive.


Speaking of scents, I finally tried the the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I haven't been using the cream for long so I don't really have an opinion on its firming/toning qualities, but it's sooo soft and buttery and the scent is AMAZING. I got the Jet Set gift set from Sokos and it contained the cream, the Brazilian Crush Fragrance Body Mist and the Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel. I actually love the scent so much that I purchased a full-size bottle of the shower cream... It just smells like the beach and like summer, and since I can't travel to an actual beach this year, using these products is the next best thing!

So, there you have it: my current favourite beauty products! Have you used any of these? And would you like for me to do a post about current fashion favourites as well?


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