Favorite outfits of 2020

Better late than never, I guess...  

Here are my favorite looks from 2020! I hope you have all had a good start to the new year. 


Remember when life was normal? I wore this Fashion Nova dress for my birthday in January 2020. Incidentally, I also wore a Fashion Nova dress for my birthday this year... The major difference is that last year, this photo was taken minutes before all my friends arrived to my birthday party. This year, we video chatted. A year ago feels like a different life now, doesn't it?


OK, I guess it's kind of boring that my first two favorites are black dresses. But I love this one from Missguided! It also has good memories associated with it, as I wore it to a conference dinner. It was a fun night. (I promise my outfits will get more colorful later in the year.)


Shit really hit the fan in March, didn't it? I didn't go outside much... I wore what I felt comfortable in and what looked cute in photos, lol. Both the jeans (Primark) and the bralette (Forever21) are old.


Naturally, the outfit I wore after I successfully defended my PhD thesis (in lockdown!) is the most memorable one from April. The dress is by Collectif and I bought it from a Finnish store, Miss Windy Shop.


May was warm this year, so I mostly wore bathing suits, but I think this Boohoo dress is just gorgeous.


In June, we were able to actually go places! This was taken at an Airbnb during our little summer roadtrip, and I still think they had the best selfie mirrors EVER. The dress is from Dresslily (gifted).


I have two photos from July, because again, we were allowed to go places. I love this Simply Be dress (from Zalando) and my friend took amazing photos of me that day.

This is was my outfit for my friend's birthday at the end of July. Last party I've been to. Sigh... The dress is from Boohoo.


I really liked this combo of a Fashion Nova bodysuit and an old ASOS skirt.


For some reason this was one of my most liked photos on Instagram last year. I think it's the colors. The top is from New Yorker, and the skirt is part of a Fashion Nova set. 


Of course I dressed up for Halloween just for fun, at home. I went for a "what if Regina George was fat and a redhead" look this year. The bodysuit is old and from Forever21. 


Apparently I didn't do much in November. My cutest look is this mismatched underwear set.


I have two favorites from December: My New Year's eve dress (from Rosegal, gifted)...

...and the dress I wore when my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. I just felt extra cute that night. 

I hope you enjoyed these looks! Which was your favorite? 
What would you like to see on the blog this year?


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