Favourite Outfits: August 2020

 Hi lovelies,

I thought I would share some of my favourite outfits from August, since I have some cute photos, and you probably haven't seen them all on Instagram because the algorithm hates me, haha. 

I loved this look, since it was girly and sexy at the same time. The bodysuit is from Fashion Nova, the bralette I'm wearing underneath is from SHEIN, and the skirt is an old favourite from ASOS. To be honest, I changed the heels to flats when I went out because I was driving, but I just like taking photos with heels on, haha. 

Not everyone is going to like this outfit because it's not "flattering", but if you know me, you know I don't care. ;) I've had this red Boohoo dress and the wide ASOS belt for years, they are both staple pieces in my wardrobe. 

Enjoying the last summer evenings! And no bra, no problem... I think I got quite used to not wearing bras during the whole lockdown phase, and now there's no going back. 

Ah, a classy fitting room selfie! I went shopping with my friends during the day when it was pretty quiet, and the fitting room had nice lighting so I snapped a photo of my outfit. I'm wearing Fashion Nova jeans, which are basically the only jeans I wear these days. I remember this was one of the really hot days we had in August, so even though I had a cardigan with me, it was way too hot to wear that, and I ended up tying it on my waist. The top is so cool, it's from ASOS and I had actually kind of forgotten that I owned it, oops...

I do love a good peplum. Yup, still. This floral top from SHEIN was super affordable and it's SO cute. The skirt is an old one from Forever21, and the choker is from New Look.

Finally, my absolute favourite! This UNICORN dress from Lady Vintage London! It's so pretty, oh my god. I love unicorns, I'm kind of obsessed with them, haha. Of course I had to match my eyeshadow to the dress. I think it goes really well with my hair colour, too.

Those were my favourites from August! Which outfit do you like the most? If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram you probably already know that I'm trying to shop a bit less at the moment, as I'm currently unemployed and need to prioritise the important stuff, like my dog's medical bills. However, I will focus more on styling old pieces in new ways and hopefully I will also remember to take photos of all the looks! I actually look forward to shopping my own wardrobe, since I have a lot of stuff I've yet to wear. Also, I did a challenge earlier this summer where I wore all the dresses I had bought this year, but hadn't worn in "real life" yet. I did a YouTube video on it, I'll link it below if you're interested.

I hope you're all doing well!



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