Fashion Nova What Could've Been Lace Dress

Hi all,

I just had to really quickly share this dress with you because I LOVE it. I just got it today and I'm obsessed. The quality is great, too! It's from Fashion Nova, and they still have some in stock so here's a link if you want to grab one for yourself (not an affiliate link, I just wanted to share this out of the goodness of my heart, haha!) I'm wearing a 2X and it fits perfectly.

Have a good weekend!


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    1. I'm sorry Jason, I accidentally deleted your other comment! But I'm glad you love it, thanks for the compliment!

  2. You would wear this in public?

    1. Yes, why shouldn't I? It's not see-through, there is a lining under the black lace. I realize the fabric looks similar to my skin color in the photos, but in reality it's not a revealing dress at all.


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