Summer favorites

I've been shopping the summer sales and I've found some many cute pieces! And for once we've had hot weather, which means I have been actually able to wear dresses and shorts all the time. I know some people hate the heat, but I'm loving it. To be fair, our house has excellent air conditioning...

Anyway, here are some of my current faves!

This Boohoo dress is GORGEOUS. I'm sorry to say it's no longer in stock, but let's hope they bring it back in a different color for the fall. I'm wearing a UK 20.

This Forever21+ dress is sooo gorgeous and the print is super trendy right now. (Excuse the tan lines on my feet, lol.) I featured this in my Forever21 haul (see my previous post), and it was still in stock when I filmed that. Definitely worth checking out!

I wore my palm print bathing suit the other day as a bodysuit under denim shorts and really loved the look. These are also both from Forever21.

Last but not least, how cute are these pieces from Zaful??? I will talk about them more in the video I have linked below. All the sizes are in the video description on YouTube.

Are you guys enjoying the heat like I am, or do you already long for cooler weather?


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