Your annual reminder that you can wear what you want when it's hot outside

Suomessa on ainakin niin vähän aurinkoisia päiviä per kesä, että nyt heti ne biksut/sortsit/minihameet/hihattomat paidat käyttöön! Jos joku ei tykkää, niin se on sitten so fucking sad. Haters gonna hate.

We get so few of these lovely warm days in Finland, there's literally no time to waste. Wear that bikini/mini skirt/romper/sleeveless dress. Enjoy the sun. If someone does not like it, too bad. They don't have to look at you. Let the haters hate and concentrate on your own happiness. 

Alla olevalla videolla vähän lisää inspiraatiota RoseGalilta ja Zafulilta ostamieni biksujen esittelyn myötä.

Check out the video below for my latest bikini purchases from RoseGal and Zaful!


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