Video: Straight size clothes that fit my plus-size body (Vero Moda, Cubus, Gina Tricot, H&M)

(English below)

Vaikka olen selvästi pluskokoinen - "suomikoossa" yleensä 48, joskus yläosissa 46 - shoppailen kuitenkin usein kaupoissa, joiden vaatteisiin minun ei "pitäisi" mahtua. Edustan sitä koulukuntaa, että jos se näyttää siltä, että se voisi mahtua, kokeile pois! Siinä ei menetä mitään.

Videolla muutamia esimerkkejä uusista ostoksista "normaalien" vaatekaupoista. ;)

In English: Although as a UK size 20 (US 16) I'm clearly plus-size, sometimes I can get away with certain items from straight size stores like Vero Moda, Cubus, Gina Tricot and H&M (we all know H&M's plus-size line is 95% crap). Usually tops and dresses, since I'm smaller on the top. There aren't a lot of plus-size stores in Finland, and although I love online shopping, sometimes it's nice to be able to try-on clothes at the same stores your friends shop at, you know? I've kind of lost hope that stores like New Look or Forever21 will ever come to Finland, so I'll take what I can get! And often I'm pleasantly surprised. My one rule is: if it looks like it might fit, try it. On the video above I'm showing you some of my recent "non-plus-size" buys, including the very sexy bikini from Cubus, as well as the only bodysuit in the world (?) that fits my long torso from H&M. Enjoy!


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