Outfit August 2016: Round-up

Vaikka ehdin sairasteluni vuoksi postata harmillisen vähän asuja elokuun aikana, oli silti mukavaa osallistua Outfit Augustiin! Sisällytän tähän postaukseen myös muutaman sellaisen asun, joka ei päätynyt blogiin asti, mutta jonka kuvasin Instagramiin.

So, here's my Outfit August round-up! Thank you to Leah for organizing this challenge. Hopefully, next year I won't be ill for half the month and there will be more outfits to share. ;) 

I'm also including a few OOTD photos that I shared on Instagram but that didn't make it to the blog for some reason. 

Sellaista tyyliä elokuussa, nyt nokka kohti syksyä ja uusi (muoti)haasteita!

So, that's what I wore in August! Now it's time to start really focusing on fall fashion. :)


  1. I was so shit at this, August just zoomed by for me. I love your outfits, especially the jeans and the peach top, that's a really gorgeous top. xx

    1. Thanks, I really liked that one as well! :)

      And we'll always have next year, haha!


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